Alpha Faucets

Once a modest appendage, faucets have become an alpha design feature in bathroom makeovers, often seducing the rest of the renovation.

Sleek, bold and sensual, the expressive designs released to bath decor outlets this spring are extending the European-inspired minimalism that has characterized the faucet evolution over the last few seasons.

German designer Arefakt, which captured the 2007 International Forum Design GmbH Award for its Moments line for American Standard, uses simple shapes, yet with a startling stark character. The faucet is meant to “always represent a modern image,”
according to lead designer Achim Pohl.

Pohl’s comment is telling: some of the new designer faucets are so cutting-edge they may appear dated tomorrow. It takes courage to choose a tap that may cost more than your Prada bag, and could slip out of style next spring.

That it is why it is important to go with well-known, respected manufacturers where even the dramatic designs are backed with durability – and the assurance the style will remain in the market mix.

On these pages, we present three of the best of the new contemporary faucet designs, from American Standard, Moen and Canada’s own AquaBrass, all stoic names that have, apparently, unleashed their design team. Moen, playing it safe, allows most of their faucets to be changed or updated easily with a near snap-out system.